Three Steps Towards a More Fulfilling Marriage


Whether you're already married, thinking of getting married, or simply preparing yourself for that day, it's natural to crave a fulfilling relationship with your partner. Relationships need work, and having the right mindset is crucial to navigating the inevitable ups and downs that come with it. It's this growth mindset that can help you recognise and address misalignment with your partner, and to control the direction your life is taking.

For many, getting married is simply a natural, practical progression in life. For some, it's also about two souls finding shelter in each other and achieving tranquillity through affection and mercy (Qur'an 30:21). For them, it's a decision that requires much thought and reflection, and rightly so.

At some point in our lives, we become more conscious in setting our intentions and aspirations, in taking responsibility and accepting that we need to work on ourselves and in wanting a partner who we can connect with on a deeper, spiritual level.

So what are some of the steps we can take towards understanding what we're looking for.



Take some time to reflect on your values, beliefs, and goals when it comes to marriage. Ask yourself tough questions about what you want in a spouse, what kind of partner you want to be, and how you can align your intentions with Allah's (swt) guidance. If you're already married, honestly think about whether you are showing your partner affection and responding to them with mercy. Do you provide each other with a safe space where love and compassion can be shown? Consider what meaningful steps you can take towards having this sort of relationship.



We all know that communication is crucial but not all communication is equal. Good, respectful, clear communication is key. Make sure you're open and honest with your partner about your thoughts, feelings, and expectations. Listen to them attentively and work together to find common ground. Understand that having clear boundaries is essential for a healthy relationship.



Marriage, like most things in life is a journey that requires continuous growth and learning. Read books, attend workshops, and seek advice from trusted sources to continue improving your understanding of what it means to have a God-centric marriage. Stay humble and committed to growing both individually and as a couple. Learn to be kind to yourself and to meet your needs. Be consistent.

“There is no healthy human soul that is not attracted by its own self, leading it to a soul that God has made closely related to its other pole so that they are in harmony, so that they have mercy towards each other and show affection to one another.” Sheikh Bilal

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