Our highly qualified Islamic scholars are expert in the Shia Jafari school of Islam. Fluent in English, Arabic, Farsi, Urdu and Spanish, they are dedicated to offering affordable Islamic family services delivered professionally. 

If you would like to book your Nikah ceremony, need Islamic divorce guidance or want to access our counselling, mediation or Islamic consultation services

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A trusted Islamic scholar with an extensive educational background, including an MA in Comparative Law (with Islamic Law), an MA in Community Development Dynamics and a degree in Psychology and Law, Sheikh Bilal brings a wealth of knowledge to the team. With decades of experience, he excels in his role as a mediator and Islamic guide, offering invaluable insight and wisdom. His pragmatic and understanding approach has contributed to his success in effectively serving the community. He has conducted numerous Nikah ceremonies, issued Islamic divorces and successfully mediated between parties.

Amongst the many prominent positions held by Sheikh Bilal, he has served as Religious Guide of the Khoei Islamic Centre (London), as Representative 

of the Lebanese Higher Islamic Shia Council and as Sharia expert and qadi accredited by the Lebanese Sharia Courts. He is currently recognised as a judicial expert by the Higher Judicial Council of the Court of Appeal (Najaf). He is involved in community projects across the UK including those that support Muslims in prison and reverts. Sheikh Bilal is a trusted figure in the community.




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Heading our wellbeing service is Sabira Kanji, a wonderful and experienced Clinical Psychologist and Family Therapist. Sabira holds an MSc and Post MSc Diploma in Clinical Psychology, and an MSc in Family and Systematic Therapy. Over the years, Sabira has provided invaluable support to numerous families and individuals as they take steps towards healing and growth. She is a passionate advocate for removing the stigma around mental health support within the Muslim community. She has appeared on various platforms, bringing mental health issues to the forefront.