Whether you have reached the difficult decision that a divorce is the only way forward or you feel that there is still room for reconciliation, our highly experienced and qualified team can help.

Choose between our comprehensive Islamic Divorce Package and our one-time religious consultations, mediation and counselling sessions.


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Specialising in the Shia Jafari school, we offer dedicated support to the Shia community in the UK. As a growing team of experts from different backgrounds, we proudly welcome clients from the broader Muslim community.



Islamic Divorce Package

Religious Guidance 

Wellbeing Support

Tailored Solutions


We understand divorce can be an emotionally draining and overwhelming experience. Our comprehensive Islamic Divorce package is thoughtfully designed to provide you with wraparound care as you navigate the divorce process. It integrates specialist wellbeing support with religious guidance, ensuring you have the help you need, when you need it most.

Our goal is to provide you with clear, fair and impartial guidance while working with you to reach a solution.


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What is included in the Islamic Divorce Package?

Consultation with an experienced, qualified Islamic scholar
Couple's mediation session
Individual/couple's counselling session
Issuing of the Talaq, Khula or Faskh
Talaq, Khula or Faskh Certificate

Translation - Legalisation - Notarisation - Additional Copies of Divorce Certificate

Available on Request 




Islamic Divorce Package - £350 
(spread over three instalments)

£100 – on application
£150 – due if you choose to progress your application
£100 – once Talaq, Khula or Faskh is confirmed

Mediation/ Islamic Consultation/

£45/ session




Features of our Islamic Divorce Package

Islamic Divorce Adviser in London and UK  Holistic

Combines Islamic guidance, mediation and counselling delivered by specialists


Payments are spread and become due as your divorce application progresses

Every case is different – add extra mediation/ counselling sessions if and when you need to or simply place your application on hold while you consider your options






The team at MRSC will act as impartial mediators between the parties however, parties must understand that any agreements reached may not be legally binding or enforceable, and that these are voluntary arrangements only. It is the parties' responsibility to consider and decide whether they require professional legal advice. A Talaq, Khula or Faskh does not end a civil marriage.




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Thank you sheikhna! Your support and guidance reminded us why we were together in the first place!



Sheikh Bilal gave us both the opportunity to try and resolve our differences. His approach meant we could part ways amicably and with respect.