Whether you need clarity on a religious matter or help resolving a dispute amicably, our Islamic Guidance and Mediation service can help.

Remote consultations provide flexibility and convenience, allowing you to schedule sessions that suit your commitments, wherever you are.

While we specialise in the Shia Jafari school of Islam, our growing team of scholars can offer Islamic guidance based on their respective schools of fiqh (madhab).


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What is an Islamic consultation?

Our Islamic consultations offer confidential one-to-one meetings with a qualified Islamic scholar. During these sessions, the scholar will listen to your concerns and provide answers tailored to your specific questions. This structured approach allows clients to openly discuss their issues and receive practical and personalised Islamic guidance. 


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Examples where this approach is especially useful:


Getting guidance on aligning a new business venture with Islamic principles

Discuss sensitive topics and personal matters confidentially, through an Islamic lens. 

Seeking clarity on Islamic
inheritance laws, gifting and
drawing up a will



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What is Islamic Mediation?

Islamic mediation is faith-guided dispute resolution. Our Islamic scholar will act as an independent mediator to help facilitate communication, find common ground and offer Islamic guidance.  Mediation allows you to control the outcome of your dispute and is often less stressful, cheaper and quicker than other forms of conflict resolution.



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Is mediation for us?

Mediation is only effective when everyone involved is willing to cooperate and negotiate. Mediation may not be suitable where there is abuse, risk of harm or considerable imbalance of power between the parties.


How are sessions run?
(in-person sessions are available on request) 
50 min sessions

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Bookings will be held for 24 hours and confirmed once payment is received


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The team at MRSC will act as impartial mediators between the parties however, parties must understand that any agreements reached may not be legally binding or enforceable, and that these are voluntary arrangements only. It is the parties' responsibility to consider and decide whether they require professional legal advice.